Your Part in a Miracle…

Several weeks ago, Persecution Project received a couple of photos from the Gigaiba Referral Hospital. The photos were of three newborn baby girls. They were triplets, and had just been successfully delivered at the new maternity ward.

“Thank you for being a part of this miracle,” was how Dr. Ahmed’s e-mail read. In remote, war-torn areas of Sudan, such as the Nuba mountains, a high-risk pregnancy involving triplets would most often end in tragedy for mother and children. Maternal and infant death rates are very high in Sudan. But that’s starting to change in places like Gigaiba.

Your “active compassion” built the maternity ward which the mother (pictured above) was able to reach in order to safely deliver her girls. This is a reminder that when we say your giving saves lives, we’re serious. Those three little girls now have a fighting chance to grow up and live fruitful lives.

Persecution Project’s Medical Program continues to expand and serve the people of Sudan. Containers of medicine were recently delivered to the Nuba mountains. The meds are destined to stock the shelves of at least 260 clinics and several rural hospitals, including Gigaiba.

In 2021, Persecution Project was responsible for more than 90 percent of the medicines delivered to the Nuba. For the current population, estimated at around 2.6 million souls, spread over a territory roughly the size of the State of Georgia, PPF’s medical program is the only lifeline when confronting major killers like typhoid and malaria.

In 2022, PPF launched a campaign to build a modern radiology facility at Gigaiba Referral Hospital. This facility will help continue to facilitate more “miracles” at places where you would not expect to find them. You can learn more about this important campaign by visiting

We’ll end by joining Dr. Ahmed in thanking you for “being a part of this miracle.”

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