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On April 15th, 2023, fighting erupted in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. The violence involved two Islamist generals fighting over the military junta which has effectively ruled Sudan since the ouster of dictator Omar al Bashir.

The conflict quickly spread nationwide and caught most people completely off guard. No one had been able to stockpile. Imagine not knowing a Category 5 hurricane was about to hit your town? The power grid and water mains are then cut. Communication lines also go down. Roads are blocked, stores are closed, and banks are destroyed or looted. Within days, you start running out of food and safe water.

School girls receive Dignity Kits
Discovering God’s Word

This has been the reality for our brothers and sisters trapped in Khartoum and other cities across Sudan. Bus tickets which formerly cost $10, now run more than $100 as everyone scrambles to get out of the war zones which were formerly residential neighborhoods.

Soldiers from both sides are patrolling the streets. Snipers routinely take pot shots at civilians. Hungry families who send runners out to find food will often never hear from them again.

One harrowing story of a family that made it out recounted how they were told by soldiers to identify their loved ones who had been killed and their bodies piled in a great heap in the square.

Each child received his/her own devotional book.

Millions of Sudanese have been displaced by the fighting. Many of these have traveled south to their native homeland in the Nuba mountains. These new Nuba refugees now number more than 250,000.

The fighting has not only destabilized all of Sudan, but it has also forced many humanitarian organizations to close shop because of security concerns. In the Nuba mountains alone, Persecution Project is one of only two organizations operating full time in the region.

We remain committed to the persecuted in the Nuba and are so grateful for the brave men and women of the indigenous Nuba church, who have courageously reached out to their brothers and sisters with an Active Compassion. They are testifying to the gospel in Word and Deed… and YOU are standing united alongside them.

New pipes replace the old in repaired boreholes.

Your faithful and generous prayers and support have functioned as the lifeline for a growing community well over 3 million strong. Your support of Persecution Project’s Medical, Relief and Shelter, Safe Water, and Discipleship Programs have meant the difference between life and death for untold thousands.

Thank you for standing with your brothers and sisters. Thank you for encouraging us. Thank you for saying “yes” to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to rescue the perishing.

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