The Monday Massacre

On Monday, June 3rd, after months of protest in Sudan’s capital city, Khartoum, the ruling Islamist Military Council launched a full-scale attack on the popular uprising which has demanded an end to military rule in the country.

The attack was led by the infamous RSF militias, also known as the Janjaweed (Devils on Horseback), and the NISS (Sudan’s Secret Police). The result was a massacre. As of this writing, bodies are still being pulled from the Nile.

The Military Council then cancelled all previous agreements with citizen groups and announced an upcoming “snap election” designed to guarantee the Islamists maintain control of the country.

RSF militias from all over Sudan have been brought into Khartoum and sent swarming throughout the capital to enforce “order” (a.k.a. rule by terror).

Defend the Persecuted.
Defend the Persecuted.

The reaction from the West has been predictably milquetoast. Saudi Arabia and Egypt heavily back Sudan’s Military Council. Apparently, as long as these countries keep buying F-15s and missile defense systems, Western governments, including the USA, will offer only strongly worded “tweets.” 

Persecution Project is not waiting for a political solution. We’re ministering to the persecuted in Sudan right now– thanks to your giving.

Sudan needs our prayers. And we will pray. But we will also continue, with God working through your hearts, to engage in active compassion for the persecuted.

Pray for the Persecuted.
Pray for the Persecuted.

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