The “Mechanics of Ministry” to the Persecuted

A big challenge with trying to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sudan is that so many live in very remote and hard-to-reach areas.

Part of the campaign of persecution by Sudan’s Islamist regime is purposefully neglecting “enemy” areas for development.

Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains are some of the least developed areas of Sudan. The addition of a long-standing humanitarian blockade has resulted in the slow grinding down of what infrastructure is there.

Can you find the road?
Can you find the road?

The few roads in the Nuba have gotten perpetually worse since the war began. It’s not uncommon to see the rusting hulks of heavy equipment standing idle for lack of fuel and spare parts to keep them running. Sometimes fuel and parts can be smuggled and bought at high prices on the black market, but during famine conditions, people are more worried about food and medicine than good roads for the few vehicles running.

It's hard to move when you can't even see the tires for the mud.
It’s hard to move when you can’t even see the tires for the mud.

These challenges mean the addition of heavy-duty vehicles for ministry is a must for Persecution Project.

Thankfully, PPF recently welcomed the addition of two Mercedes Unimog trucks. These two vehicles have added tremendous capacity for outreach.

But these vehicles didn’t drop out of the sky. They were provided by God’s grace working through the generosity of our ministry partners— like you!


What good is buying 10,000 Arabic Bibles if there is no way to get them to the people who need them? Likewise, what use is our medical outreach if we can’t move 30 tons of medicine to the more than 100 clinics we stock?

Unimog being unloaded
Unimog being unloaded

These logistical needs are not often glamorous… but they are absolutely essential. We’ve often referred to it as a “ministry of mud.” It really is that important.

We extend our sincere thanks to those who have specifically donated towards the “mechanics of ministry”. Your active compassion is literally moving mountains— mountains of mercy.

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