The Lost Found

Editor’s Note: The testimony of Alsadig Mustafa Hamada is just one of many similar stories that could be told in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains. Alsadig was a lost sheep wandering in a desert. But he found his Shepherd thanks to one of the several thousand audio Bibles Persecution Project has distributed – due to your generosity to our Discipleship and Evangelism Program.

Alsadig Mustafa Hamada

I grew up as a Christian, but found myself in an area filled with Muslims. The only school I could attend in the area was run by Muslims.  Although I was forced to study the Islamic religion, I continued as a Christian and went to church whenever I could. But after many years, because I was influenced by the people I lived around, I rejected my faith and became a Muslim. Then I traveled to Saudi Arabia to learn more about the religion I had adopted. I was always reading and I memorized much of the Koran.

However, in Saudi Arabia, I was persecuted and discriminated very much because of my skin color. I was mistreated and felt everyone was against me. I was imprisoned many times and faced a lot of problems. At the time, I was working as car-cleaner. I was forbidden to move anywhere but told to stay in one place and not to send money anywhere. Once I was imprisoned and told all my identity documents were illegal. I protested and visited many government offices to try to solve the problem, but to no avail.

I became sick and depressed. I was living alone. No wife, no family, no job. I looked for a solution everywhere. I managed to get my driver’s license to become a taxi driver, but I became sick again. No hospital could tell me what my problem was. My life became much harder. The house I resided in was possessed by evil spirits, and I was much tormented. No matter how much I fasted and read the Koran, I could not make the voices go away. Then I heard the tragic news that my father passed away in Sudan. I could not travel to be with the family and mourn and bury my father. This caused me to fall into even a deeper depression and I became suicidal.

Nothing could comfort me. The drugs and alcohol only made matters worse. I became a terror to my local mosque. I would show up and cause trouble and even beat people.

In desperation I cried out to God in prayer and asked Him to reveal the truth to me and let me know if Islam was the true faith. I tried to go on a retreat to the Mountains in Saudi Arabia, but was told they were possessed by evil spirits. I could not reconcile this with the fact I was in the country where Islam was started. Why is this place possessed by evil spirits?

I was confused, depressed, and lonely. I felt I lost my mind. I would leave my house and aimlessly wander. People were afraid of me and no one wanted to deal with me or help me. I could do nothing but weep and my eyes turned red.

Then, something happened.

One night, I dreamed I saw lovely buildings which had all been destroyed. The only building left standing was a church. It was beautiful, and I wept as I entered. Then there appeared to me a person carrying a book, and I wondered if this man could do anything to help me? When I awoke, I prayed and asked the Lord to show me the truth and send me to my family in Sudan.

For a time, I continued going to the Mosque. I would wear the customary Jalabia (long white robe) when I entered a Mosque to pray. But always, I was looking for my chance to escape from Saudi Arabia and return to Sudan. Although I was I still behaving like a Muslim, I was spiritually starving and lonely. I needed something to fill my empty life.

Finally, I was able to escape from Saudi Arabia to Sudan. I made my way from Khartoum back to the Nuba Mountains. As soon as I reached my Nuba home, I asked for a copy of the gospels, and I was given a Bible and an audio Bible. I was now at peace. I went to the Church and renewed my faith in Christ Jesus, and the evil spirit which had been tormenting me went out from me immediately!

I did not know there was any power which could cast out an evil spirit from a human being. Moreover, I did not know, or believe, that one day, I could put away the drugs and alcohol. Today, I am experiencing Christ’s blessings in my life. I had lost everything: friends, money, family. But now, I’m back home in the Nuba Mountains and the only thing which comforts me is reading and listening to the Gospel.

I thank God for what He has done for me. My desire is to preach the gospel and help others come to faith in Christ. I thank Persecution Project for providing me with the Bible and audio Bible. This is a gift, not from man, but from God. It is a great thing. Like the story of the Prodigal Son, I was lost, but now I am found. I know God hears me and forgives my sins. I now want to share this Good News with my family members who are still following Islam. I want them to know the same Peace I have received.

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