The Beginning of the End?

Thirty years ago, Sudan dictator Omar al Bashir came to power through a military coup.

Today, it looks more and more likely that Bashir may suffer the same fate as his predecessor, as the capital Khartoum, and other cities, descends into chaos and riots.

Bashir and his cronies have lived large and treated the great wealth of Sudan as their own private ATM. The consequences for normal people have been increased poverty and hardship.

The currency has collapsed along with the job market. Prices on basic goods are going through the roof. Weeks of demonstrations (mostly peaceful) have received a brutal response from Bashir’s government. Live bullets have been used against protesters and doctors, too. Sudan’s secret police have killed dozens and beaten thousands. Thousands more have been imprisoned without trial.

Journalists, membership of the political opposition, and basically anyone Bashir feels threatened by are especially targeted for beatings and imprisonment.

Bashir has survived riots before… but not like this. City Imams are denouncing him, as well as the local police. The political opposition is calling for blood. Never before has Bashir been boxed in so tightly.

Whether he can wiggle his way out remains to be seen.

Sudan needs prayer right now. If Bashir is removed from power, who would replace him? Would this new leader be better – or worse – for the people, including the growing Christian minority in the country?

Regardless of what comes of the present upheavals in Sudan, Persecution Project will continue the ministry of active compassion to the persecuted church.

While Sudanese soldiers crush protesters in Khartoum, PPF continues to work with the indigenous church in the Nuba mountains to bring the gospel message of hope and reconciliation through works

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