Thank you for your prayers!

In the September 2022 Africa Messenger, we told you about a disabled man named Abdelaziz who waited all night in the rain for a chance to get an Audio Bible. After this story was published, we received dozens of emails, and notes from ministry partners with words of love and concern for Abdelaziz.

For context, the first time we met Abdelaziz was about seven years ago. He was crawling through the dirt at what was then a small clinic, which would develop into Gigaiba Referral Hospital.

We discovered that Abdelaziz was far from helpless. In fact, he was a farmer who planted fields for people to make his living. But it was clear to us that Abdelaziz needed some help, so we secured a hand-powered tricycle for him. The joy he received from this life-changing gift is hard to describe.

Abdelaziz with PPF’s Ed Lyons

Today, Abdelaziz still has his bike, and is very independent due to his mobility. His attitude and infectious joy encourages all of us when we visit, and we always look for him. If the Persecution Project team is stationary for a day or two, you can bet Abdelaziz will find us, and we’ll soon see his smiling face cycling towards us in the distance.

There are many of our disabled brothers and sisters in the Nuba mountains who need our prayers and “active compassion.” The smallest things— like a hand-powered tricycle— can change a life. Your love certainly changed Abdelaziz’s life, and his beautiful heart has changed all of our lives. Please continue to pray for him and all the persecuted.

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