Safe Water

Waiting for Love

By Ed Lyons A few weeks ago, I was deep into the heart of Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains to see for myself the growing crisis of more than 700,000 displaced persons (so far!) flooding into an area already stretched very thin on resources. In one community with 20,000 returnees, people waited in line to use…
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Safe Water Emergency!

Since war broke out on April 15, 2023, 12 MILLION people have been displaced by fighting in Sudan, including hundreds of thousands of Christians. The level of destruction within Sudan’s capital region alone (Khartoum) has decimated 90 percent of the industry. The national currency is in a free fall and Sudan has arguably surpassed Ukraine…
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Looking Forward… by Going Back

As we look forward to a new year of ministry, we at Persecution Project feel it important to first go back and remember the blessings of the previous year. It’s both encouraging and challenging. It’s encouraging because we can see all the progress made in just a few months. It’s challenging because we want to…
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