Staff and Volunteer Ward Also Progressing

We have recently reported the completion of the maternity ward construction at Gigaiba Referral Hospital.

You can learn more about this project by visiting 

But there are other important ways you can help our persecuted brothers and sisters get access to the care they need.

As we raise funds to furnish the maternity ward with items like beds, mattresses, cabinets, etc., we are simultaneously seeking ways to provide the necessary medical equipment (items like portable x-rays, patient monitors, and lab equipment, etc.).

We have applied for assistance from organizations which donate equipment to hospitals, but you may also have connections in the medical equipment field which could help us source the items the maternity ward needs.

Staff and Volunteer Ward
Staff and Volunteer Ward

Additionally, while the maternity ward is being furnished, construction of a staff/volunteer ward is also progressing. 

This means that, once completed (and once COVID travel restrictions are lifted), there will be volunteer opportunities for short/long term medical missions.

If you can help with either the sourcing of medical equipment donations, or are interested in a future medical mission to Gigaiba Referral Hospital, please contact Ed Lyons at Persecution Project HQ, phone (888)201-5245.

Thank you for your continued demonstration of “active compassion” for the persecuted!

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