School Massacre

When Sudan erupted in a nasty civil war on April 15th, 2023, the fighting began in the capital city, Khartoum. However, it quickly spread to other regions of the country.

There was one notable exception to this: the Nuba mountains of Sudan. For several years, the Nuba people have consistently defeated government incursions into much of their territory and carved out a relative safe haven compared to the rest of the country.

For this reason, many thousands (perhaps as high as 600,000 at the time of this writing) have fled to the Nuba since last April— and the Islamists in power have taken notice.

On March 14th, bombers affiliated with the National Congress Party and Sudan Armed Forces (NCP/SAF) targeted two locations in the Nuba to remind the people, especially the Christian community, that they are still the common enemy of all Islamists in Sudan. One of those targeted locations was the Al Hadra community in Dilling County.

Tragically, a school was struck by several bombs, murdering a dozen students, two teachers, and wounding 30 others.

Survivors were rushed to the Tujor Hospital, which is supplied and supported by Persecution Project.

But accessing this remote area has never been easy, and hospital staff immediately sent out a distress message asking for more emergency medical supplies.

Persecution Project responded, thanks to the “active compassion” of many Christians in America— Christians like you!

In 2023, our ministry provided medicine and supplies to 203 regional health clinics in the Nuba and four rural hospitals.

One of the main facilities we support is Gigaiba Referral Hospital (GRH), which treats thousands of people every month and receives patients from all over the Nuba— and even parts of South Sudan across the border.

In a recent conversation with the Director of the Nuba Secretariat of Health, we were told that without Persecution Project’s support the regional medical consortium doesn’t want to even think about how terrible conditions would be and how many lives would be lost.

In addition to supporting hospitals like GRH, more than 80 percent of medicines making it to the Nuba are supplied by Persecution Project.

As conditions worsen in the Nuba, we are devoting more resources and energy to responding to emergency medical needs and resettling homeless Christian returnees.

Please continue to pray for peace in Sudan. Thank you for partnering with us in love and giving.

You can support the work of GRH by joining our Nuba Breakfast Club (, which is made up of those committing to give $1 per day to keep the hospital open and saving lives.

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