Safe Water Update

Water is life. Without it, we couldn’t survive. But if water is contaminated, it can still be a death sentence, as many of our persecuted brothers and sisters in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan understa

Water-borne illnesses account for more than 80 percent of all disease in places like the Nuba. But this negative statistic can be flipped, i.e., clean water can prevent 80 percent of disease.

This is why Persecution Project has a Safe Water Program. It forms part of our holistic approach to outreach. Our Medical Program helps provide important medicine and treatment to the physically sick. Our Safe Water Program helps prevent sickness in the first place. Our Discipleship Program equips the local church to minister to thirsty souls.

We began our Safe Water Program many years ago, in response to the desperate need for safe water by many Darfur refugees fleeing a government-sponsored genocide in their province.

In 2013, our program expanded to include the new war being waged in the Nuba mountains. Many engineers were driven out of the region by the fighting and a government-imposed humanitarian blockade. Hundreds of hand-pump wells were regularly breaking down due to a lack of spare parts and maintenance.

Persecution Project’s well-repair teams got to work and repaired 95 wells our first year. Year after year, our teams continued to work. In 2022, 104 repairs were completed. Each well is designed to serve 1,000 people and their livestock, which means 104,000 people received access to safe, clean water in 2022 who otherwise wouldn’t have.

This program would not exist without the faithful and generous support provided by people like you!

Thank you for helping us provide a cup of cold water to our spiritual family! (Matt. 10:42)

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