Safe Water Emergency!

Since war broke out on April 15, 2023, 12 MILLION people have been displaced by fighting in Sudan, including hundreds of thousands of Christians.

The level of destruction within Sudan’s capital region alone (Khartoum) has decimated 90 percent of the industry. The national currency is in a free fall and Sudan has arguably surpassed Ukraine as the worst humanitarian crisis on the globe today.

During the past 10 months alone, an estimated 450,000 Sudanese have fled terror and persecution in other parts of Sudan and sought refuge in the Nuba mountains.

The population of the Nuba before this crisis was close to 3 million. So the addition of nearly half a million more people in less than a year has put immense stress on the already struggling Nuba community.

One of the greatest needs right now for these returnees is access to SAFE WATER. In Sudan, dirty water accounts for more than 80 percent of all disease. Safe water is literally life. 

The flood of new arrivals is putting a strain on the existing limited infrastructure. Hand-pump wells are breaking down under constant, excessive use.

Persecution Project’s Safe Water Program is responding to this need. In the Nuba mountains, our Safe Water teams have repaired more than 1,100 wells in the last 10 years, providing safe, clean water to more than one MILLION people.

Right now, we need to repair another 50 wells to help respond to the current Safe Water emergency and expand safe water access to an additional 50,000 people.

Please pray that God will continue to minister to the suffering in Sudan through the work of Persecution Project. And thank you for your prayers and support, which keeps our repair teams supplied and busy repairing broken well pumps!

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