Persecution Project supports a rural hospital in Sudan providing access to care for more than three Million residents. You can help us support the hospital by joining our monthly Breakfast Club!

Active Compassion

Southern Kordofan’s Nuba mountain region is home to Sudan’s largest indigenous community of marginalized and persecuted peoples.

And today, their way of life is threatened.

The Nuba have been marginalized and persecuted by Islamist extremists in Sudan’s government since 1989.

In 2015, Persecution Project began partnering with the Nuba Secretariat of Health to build a referral hospital in Um Dorein county, expanding access to medical services to half of SKS’s now three million inhabitants.

With your active compassion, we have expanded services to a new 20-acre medical facility. Today, Gigaiba Referral Hospital (GRH) inpatient and outpatient wards include pediatric, male and female, and maternity services for thousands of patients per month.

But to keep the hospital doors open requires monthly administrative support to fund items like staff, patient feeding, and fuel for backup power generation.

If just 1,000 Persecution Project supporters commit $1 per day, Gigaiba Referral Hospital will enough funds to keep going– and growing.

Just $30 Per Month!

This amount represents what many of us will spend taking a friend or loved one out for a single breakfast. You can join our Breakfast Club by donating one “breakfast” per month and keep Gigaiba Referral Hospital open and ministering to our marginalized and persecuted brothers and sisters!

Please prayerfully consider joining Persecution Project’s Breakfast Club today. 

And please share this important campaign with your friends and family so they can join you in your commitment.

Thank you in advance for your love, solidarity, and faithful giving!

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