Maternity ward Phase I construction is complete.
Maternity ward Phase I construction is complete.

It’s always great to receive good news, and August was a month for it at Persecution Project.

After many months of labor, including mind-numbing logistical challenges, weather challenges, supply challenges, etc., we finally received word from Dr. Ahmed Zachariah that Phase I for the Maternity Ward has been completed.

Phase I involved a lot of bulk construction, including the foundation and walls, roofing and solar power, electrical and so forth.

There is a desperate need for this Maternity Ward in the Nuba mountains. So we thank God for this major step towards completion of a facility promising to save many lives.

As you can imagine, infant (and mother) mortality is a major problem in the Nuba, especially as it remains cut off from the rest of the country by order of the Islamists still dominating the government.

What encourages us is that despite the ever-changing political landscape, Dr. Ahmed has soldiered on “making bricks without straw” on occasion, while still managing to treat 60-100 patients per day in the peak malaria season.

Of course, Dr. Ahmed’s vision is for his hospital to go beyond a Maternity Ward and include several other patient wards, a proper lab, an operating theatre, and a doctor and nurses’ compound. 

But we must walk before we run, and the first priority is to help build the Maternity Ward.

Thanks to the generosity of all our ministry partners, we’ve completed the first phase and rolled immediately into Phase II.

Phase II involves “filling out” the interior with everything from tiled floors, windows, lighting fixtures, painting, plastering, ceiling installation, etc.

To learn more about how you can be instrumental in helping accomplish this important next phase in completing the maternity ward, simply visit

Above all, please keep Dr. Ahmed, the construction crew, PPF’s team, and the entire Nuba community in your prayers. We need it!

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