More Medicines Delivered

As published in our last Annual Report, Persecution Project was responsible for delivering 85 percent of all medicines to the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan in 2022. These life-saving drugs were distributed among 203 remote medical facilities, including three rural hospitals.

In 2023, our medical program continues at full speed— thanks to your faithful giving.

The photos included in this report show the recent loading and offloading of two 40 ft. shipping containers packed with medicine which has, by God’s grace, now arrived in the Nuba.

Considering the Nuba population has grown to 2.7 million souls (from approximately 1.1 million in 2011), this medicine is more important than ever.

Persecution Project’s Medical Program doesn’t just involve distributing important pharmaceuticals to a remote and marginalized population. The work of Gigaiba Referral Hospital also continues unabated. The hospital serves an average of 3,000 patients per month. Many walk for days just to receive care from this facility, because they know they’ll be treated with compassion and competency.

None of this would be possible without God working through your love to minister to our persecuted brothers and sisters. 

The only challenge we’re facing is that success comes at a price. The Nuba population continues to increase because growing instability in other parts of Sudan compels them to look for a safer home. This population growth means our Medical Program also needs to grow to keep up with demand.

Gigaiba Referral Hospital has an aggressive growth plan which involves some key equipment and infrastructure needs in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted about these, as well as all our other ministry program needs.

While we have much to celebrate, we still need your prayers and partnership to serve our brothers and sisters in Sudan.

Above all, keep those prayers coming. Pray for our staff working on the ground in Africa. Pray for God’s hand to direct us through the complicated logistics involved in working in remote areas with little to no infrastructure. And pray the Gospel will continue to spread among the Sudanese people as they see the love of Christ presented in our ministry of healing.

We want to pray for you! We would love to remember you and your needs in prayer. Please let us hear from you.

Thank you again for being God’s chosen means to bring His Good News to a neglected part of the world that desperately needs it.

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