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Editor’s Note: Evangelism backpacks are some of the most effective tools Persecution Project has deployed in remote areas like Sudan’s Nuba mountains. What follows is the testimony of one Nuba woman who was impacted by an evangelist using a PPF-supplied evangelism backpack to show The JESUS Film.

“I was born into a Muslim family, but grew up close to Christian friends. I lived in Kadugli, the capital of Southern Kordofan in the Nuba mountains of Sudan. I completed primary school in Kadugli and then moved to Khartoum to continue my education. When I was in school, I used to hear about Jesus from my friends, and sometimes in Christian homes. I was also invited to attend Christian celebrations. Being a member of a Muslim family in Khartoum, it was not an easy thing to become a Christian. I was not free to turn to the faith that I saw was the best thing for me.

“When I came back to the Nuba Mountains, I stayed in a village where there was no church, so I didn’t hear any more about Jesus. Then a student from Theological United Institute came to visit our village and showed The JESUS Film and talked about Jesus Christ and shared with us from the Bible. He asked us to decide who we wanted to follow. I watched The JESUS Film again, and I saw the way Jesus treated people in love and the way He performed miracles. This moved and impacted me, and I accepted Him in my life as Savior and Lord.

“The JESUS Film has had a great impact on the lives of many people. People are touched by this film and the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. I decided to become a student at the Theological United Institute, because I want to be trained to spread the knowledge of Jesus Christ among my people – the Shuwaia people.

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