Medina’s Song: A Profile of the Persecuted

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Wife. Mother. Teacher. Artist. Warrior. Patriot. Medina is all these things and more.

She’s also one of the “unknowns” in a terrible conflict most of the world has ignored.

Medina lives in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. Her story, though tragic, is full of hope and beauty. Every day she struggles to provide for her little family living in a war zone.


We want you to know her story.

Medina’s Song is the first in a series of short films released by Persecution Project to highlight unknown heroes, like Medina, who struggle to live normal lives amidst war and persecution.

The Nuba mountains are home to Sudan’s largest community of Christians.

And today, their way of life is threatened.

The Nuba have been targeted for annihilation by the sadistic regime of Omar al Bashir, Sudan’s dictator since 1989.

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In 2011, Bashir re-launched a campaign of genocide and terror against the Nuba people, dropping more than 4,000 bombs on schools, churches, marketplaces and hospitals. 

Many lives have been lost, and the international community has all but abandoned the Nuba people.

But people like Medina continue to persevere. Her patriotism, her unbreakable faith, and her songs keep her going… and inspire a rising generation of Nuba who have only known struggle.


Our hope is to use Medina’s Song to raise awareness of what is happening in the Nuba mountains, and what the church in America can do to respond.

In 2019, our priority is to expand and improve access to medical services to more Nuba women like Medina by helping to build a new referral hospital in her community — including a Maternity Ward. Right now, Medina and her neighbors must walk for days to reach the nearest hospital. We’re trying to change this. You can help.

Please visit today to watch our film and to share it with your friends and family.

Persecution Project has chosen to defy a government-imposed blockade and continue to stand alongside heroes like Medina. Please watch Medina’s Song, then consider your role in engaging in more active compassion for the persecuted.

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