John Deere Tractor Update

Food security is a major concern for the marginalized and persecuted people of Sudan, so unless you live in an urban area, you’re going to farm and manage livestock.

Most Nuba people have their own gardens, requiring just basic tools for managing. But many institutions like schools and hospitals run larger-scale operations to support their students, staff, or patients.

At the Gigaiba Referral Hospital, Persecution Project is partnering with Dr. Ahmed and his team to provide a heavy-duty John Deere tractor to help the facility plant on a scale to provide food security for a growing number of staff and patients.

Thanks to our donor-partners, we have just passed the half-way point of our fundraising goal. By visiting, you can continue to support our campaign to provide a tractor for Dr. Ahmed’s hospital, and give a gift that literally keeps on giving. As the television commercial says, “Nothing runs like a Deere.”

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