The contested Nuba mountains region of Southern Kordofan is home to Sudan’s largest Christian community.


Since 2011, a humanitarian blockade and seasonal military offensives by Khartoum’s Islamo-fascist regime have led to a humanitarian crisis and widespread famine conditions.

Right now, the beleaguered Christian community in the Nuba mountains is facing its worst crisis since war returned in 2011.

But it’s easy for each of us to make a lifesaving and sustainable difference for one Nuba family.

One dairy goat can provide a family with milk and offspring.

This means more milk and meat – and a source of income in communities affected by war, drought and famine conditions.

The Dairy Goat Project is supported by donations to PPF’s Relief and Shelter Program.

Our goal is to provide 150 Nuba families with dairy goats in 2018.


Please visit GotDairyGoats.com to find out more!

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