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Wars, corruption, poverty, famine and turmoil seem to have no end in many African nations.

But the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the “Good News” that transforms nations, communities, tribes, families and individuals.

Persecution Project Foundation is training and equipping small teams of evangelists to bring the Good News of the Gospel to South Sudan’s unreached tribes.


Backpack Projectors
Backpack Projectors

You can be a part of this ministry by helping PPF equip teams of indigenous evangelists with the tools they need to reach their neighbors with the Good News of Christ.

Each team undergoes training in the use of an Evangelism Backpack Projector Kit. One team equipped with a projector can bring an audio/visual witness to a population which is more than 90 percent illiterate.

During the next six months our goal is to train and equip five more Evangelism Backpack Projector Teams to immediately deploy in several unreached communities.

Each projector system costs about $1,500, plus transportation.

This means 15 people giving $100, or 30 people giving $50 can help us equip one team.

Visit evangelismbackpacks.com to donate or to become a fundraiser for this vital campaign.

Showing The Jesus Film at the JLTC.
Showing The Jesus Film at the JLTC.

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