Evangelism Backpack Projectors

We recently received the following testimony from Pastor Esam, who received a backpack projector system from Persecution Project last year.

“Before I got The JESUS Film, I used to tell stories about Jesus as I went into villages preaching the Gospel. Because most of [the people] do not know how to read and have no other means of getting more knowledge about Jesus, when I got The JESUS Film [and projector system] it made a big difference in my preaching. Many people are able to see and hear, so there is more understanding of the story of Jesus.

The most important thing is that I am able to gather a big number of Muslims, which was not possible before getting The JESUS Film. Since I received the [projector system] in November 2022, I was able to show it three times in different places. In the first village, those who confessed to follow Jesus were 30, in the second village, there were 27, and in the third village, they were 38 men and women.

Some were found to be nominal Christians, some were pagans. In the third village, one of the men within a few days after watching the film sent a message to us to visit him at his home. When we went, he asked us to baptize him. After a few days, he passed away.

There was a man in one of the villages [where] we showed the film. He was a pagan practicing charm, bewitch, spell, etc., and he was causing problems and [had] harmed many people and killed them. When he attended and saw and heard the teaching through The JESUS Film, he came to faith, and we burned all that he was using to cause problems in the village.

In some places, people asked us to repeat the film for the whole night. Some asked us to visit them again. The JESUS Film is one of the best ways to deliver the Gospel.”

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