SPECIAL DELIVERY: PPF’s 2018 Christmas Airlift

At time of publication, during the months of November and December of 2018, Persecution Project successfully conducted nine crisis relief flights to bring a total of 58.5 metric tons of aid and encouragement to our brothers and sisters under siege in Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains. The Nuba region is about the size of the State…
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A House of Healing: One Doctor’s War… Against a War

We knew of Dr. Ahmed Zakariah long before we met him. His fame began to spread when he completed his residency with real American Hero Dr. Tom Catena at Mother of Mercy Hospital in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan. Dr. Ahmed saw how Mother of Mercy struggled to keep up with the unending stream…
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Campaigns of Compassion

Persecution Project’s ministry programs are divided into four mission areas: Safe Water, Relief and Shelter, Medical, and Discipleship and Evangelism. To support these programs, PPF has started, and will continue to develop, campaigns of active compassion. These campaigns not only allow you to support an important outreach to our persecuted brothers and sisters, they provide…
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A Call for Dignity

by Rachel Starkey “DAUGHTER, YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU. GO IN PEACE AND BE FREED FROM YOUR SUFFERING.” (MARK 5:34B) Many years ago, my husband and I established a factory that manufactures clothing. It was our aim to sustainably help some vulnerable women gain employment where we live in Egypt. During this time, I learned…
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To the Glory of God

By Ed Lyons Just as Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands, which allowed Joshua to defeat the army of Amalek, your gifts strengthen the Nuba Church to continue to fight the good fight of faith. One Evangelism Backpack Projector in Pastor Paul’s hands, for instance, has resulted in the establishment of new church congregations…
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The contested Nuba mountains region of Southern Kordofan is home to Sudan’s largest Christian community. Since 2011, a humanitarian blockade and seasonal military offensives by Khartoum’s Islamo-fascist regime have led to a humanitarian crisis and widespread famine conditions. Right now, the beleaguered Christian community in the Nuba mountains is facing its worst crisis since war…
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The Nuba in Crisis

The Islamist government of Sudan uses food and medicine as more potent weapons than bombs and bullets. A recent humanitarian update from the Southern Kordofan/Blue Nile Coordination Unit reported that there are severe food shortages in the war-torn Nuba mountains. The heavily Christian counties of Buram, Heiban, and Umdorein are especially affected. The Nuba have…
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Standing Firm

Recently, the PPF team was in Sudan’s Nuba mountains again. The rains had begun, and the whole country was turning green. Thin cows and goats were busy gorging themselves on abundant grass, and new life was seen everywhere. In every community we passed, whether in the valleys or on terraced hillsides, people were out plowing…
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The “Mechanics of Ministry” to the Persecuted

A big challenge with trying to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sudan is that so many live in very remote and hard-to-reach areas. Part of the campaign of persecution by Sudan’s Islamist regime is purposefully neglecting “enemy” areas for development. Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains are some of the least developed areas of Sudan….
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Invite a Speaker

We are so grateful for the ministry partnership of churches like our brethren at First Presbyterian Church in Hopewell, Virginia. If you would like us to come visit your congregation, please contact Ed Lyons at 540-829-5353, or write to ed.lyons@persecutionproject.org. We look forward to sharing with you what God is doing through our Active Compassion!

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