Standing Firm

Recently, the PPF team was in Sudan’s Nuba mountains again. The rains had begun, and the whole country was turning green. Thin cows and goats were busy gorging themselves on abundant grass, and new life was seen everywhere. In every community we passed, whether in the valleys or on terraced hillsides, people were out plowing…
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The “Mechanics of Ministry” to the Persecuted

A big challenge with trying to help our persecuted brothers and sisters in Sudan is that so many live in very remote and hard-to-reach areas. Part of the campaign of persecution by Sudan’s Islamist regime is purposefully neglecting “enemy” areas for development. Sudan’s war-torn Nuba mountains are some of the least developed areas of Sudan….
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Invite a Speaker

We are so grateful for the ministry partnership of churches like our brethren at First Presbyterian Church in Hopewell, Virginia. If you would like us to come visit your congregation, please contact Ed Lyons at 540-829-5353, or write to We look forward to sharing with you what God is doing through our Active Compassion!

Evangelism Backpacks

Wars, corruption, poverty, famine and turmoil seem to have no end in many African nations. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the “Good News” that transforms nations, communities, tribes, families and individuals. Persecution Project Foundation is training and equipping small teams of evangelists to bring the Good News of the Gospel to South…
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Safe Water Update: 77 More Safe Water Wells!

In early April, PPF’s Emergency Well Repair Team in Sudan’s Nuba mountains reported that they had completed the 77th repair of the year! This number is significant, because it was the initial goal PPF set for all of 2017. But barely into the second quarter of 2018, our team blew past this number. Our repair…
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Sudan’s Silent Killer

The Islamist’s Ultimate Weapon For more than a year, the skies over the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan have been mostly quiet. The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) ground troops have also shown little mobilization. Part of the reason for this is that the SAF has been increasingly pulled into the war in Yemen, allied to…
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The Children’s Issue

When Persecution Project writes about “Active Compassion for the Persecuted,” we’re writing mostly about little people. When we report on impending famine conditions, we’re talking about mostly hungry little people. When we speak about a government-sponsored campaign of extermination, we’re talking about the extermination of mostly little people. The embargoed area of Sudan’s Nuba mountains is like most…
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Imagine Walking 3 Hours for Clean Water

Samia is rejoicing today, because her village borehole is working once again. While it was broken, Samia had to walk for three hours one-way to fetch water in the neighboring village. Because of the long queues, she often had to spend the night away from home while waiting for a turn at the well. After…
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The Heartbeat of Outreach: Powerful Women of Faith in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

CABINA Cabina is a mother of five children in the Nuba mountains of Sudan. She’s also the wife of a pastor— a very busy pastor. Pastor Morris shepherds his own congregation, and coordinates 100 others in a land on the perpetual edge of famine due to a government-imposed humanitarian blockade. Persecution Project has worked with…
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New Hospital Progress

Dr. Ahmed Zachariah is a fearless physician who has chosen to use his skill to alleviate the suffering in Sudan’s Nuba mountains. His courage and determination have galvanized the community to assist him in building a hospital to alleviate pressure on the only referral hospital in the Nuba, located several hours away by car. Persecution…
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