Ed Lyons

The Real War in Sudan

If you’ve followed our reports, you know that on April 15th, a new war erupted on the streets of Khartoum, as two rival Islamist Generals began fighting one another for control of the military junta which runs the central government in Sudan. The International Community feigned shock at this development but then quickly chose sides….
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Hospital Update

Towards the end of the summer, we received a report from Dr. Martin Zakariah, providing an update as to the conditions at Gigaiba Referral Hospital (GRH) in the war-torn Nuba mountains. The summer months are traditionally hot and dry in many parts of America, but in places like the Nuba mountains of Sudan, the problem…
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Responding in Love

When we are faced with a crisis, whether personally or as a group, we can respond in one of several ways. There are those who complain and point out all the reasons why the crisis occurred and how the victims were not responsible (or in some cases got what they deserved). These responders are more…
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