Annual Report for 2020


In 1995 while serving as a legislative aide for Rep. David Funderburk, I received an
unexpected visit from a 7 ft 7 inch tall man in a tailored purple suit. As a child I had
gone to see Manute Bol play for the Washington Bullets at the Capitol Center, but there
Manute briefed me on the situation in Sudan and asked for help with legislation in the
House Foreign Affairs Africa subcommittee. Two years later, I launched a campaign to
expose persecution of Christians in Africa called “Persecution Project,” and that led me
on a journey in South Sudan and the Nuba mountains that has now exceeded 24 years.
This journey would not be possible without the active compassion of thousands of
generous believers, who have partnered in this important ministry to the marginalized
and forgotten. I am profoundly grateful to these friends , and I pray we can continue in
this work together for many more years to come.
— Brad Phillips, President

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