A Ministry in Word and Deed


Through the generosity of thousands of churches, businesses and individuals, Persecution Project has been able to bring many kinds of help to the persecuted in Sudan. Hundreds of safe water wells dug or repaired, thousands of emergency shelter tarps distributed, hundreds of tons of medicine… the list goes on.

But by far the greatest gift we bring the persecuted is encouragement. It’s not hard to see why. Just think of our own life struggles. We have all been through hard times when God sent us the right people at the right time to help and encourage us.

Sometimes the help is material. But often the help is just the right words at the right time— or no words at all, just their presence.

The Word of God is the greatest source of encouragement because it’s God’s good news to us of His love and care. We live in a broken, fallen world, and God’s Word shows us the ever-present Light which will guide us through until we reach Home.

We were reminded of this again when we recently received pictures from the field showing a shipment of God’s word being loaded and heading north to encourage our brothers and sisters in the war-torn Nuba mountains of Sudan.

Listening to the Word of God on a Bible radio
Listening to the Word of God on a Bible radio
Bibles and New Testaments bring hope.
Bibles and New Testaments bring hope.

In this latest consignment, our team shipped 6,000 print Bibles, and 2,700 Bible radios.

For the hundreds of churches spread over the embattled Nuba mountains, these Bibles are like reinforcements in a major battle.

We desire to be a ministry to the persecuted in Word and Deed. We don’t serve out of a sense of obligation or guilt. We serve because we love people. We believe the people we meet in these very remote places are not just mortal persons, but eternal souls. We want to give comfort and encouragement to both body and soul. The ministry of the Word is the true “soul food” of the persecuted.

Thank you for your faithful support of PPF’s Discipleship and Evangelism program.


The Nuba church is encouraged because they know they can count on their friends at PPF to remember them in their prayers and giving.

But we at Persecution Project are encouraged because we know we can count on friends like you to remember your persecuted family in Sudan.

There is still much more encouragement to deliver before the end of 2019. Will you continue to fill our hands with the contents of your hearts so we can pass it on to our brothers and sisters?

A community relief distribution
  Pastor Matta shows a woman how to use an In Touch Messenger audio Bible.
A special gift for a special man.JPG
A family receives a shelter tarp

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