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In 1995 while serving as a legislative aide for Rep. David Funderburk, I received an unexpected visit from a 7 foot 7-inch-tall man in a tailored purple suit. As a child I had gone to see Manute Bol play for the Washington Bullets at the Capitol Center, but there is no way to describe how impressive a figure he was in real life.

Manute briefed me on the situation in Sudan and asked for help with legislation in the House Foreign Affairs Africa subcommittee. Two years later, I launched a campaign to expose persecution of Christians in Africa called “Persecution Project,” and that led me on a journey in South Sudan and the Nuba mountains that has now exceeded 25 years.

This journey would not be possible without the active compassion of thousands of generous believers, who have partnered in this important ministry to the marginalized and forgotten. I am profoundly grateful to these friends, and I pray we can continue in this work together for many more years to come.

Brad Phillips, President

Republic of Sudan in 2022

In 2011, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement’s mandated RSD (referendum for self-determination) resulted in the division of Sudan into two countries.

Following the referendum, the contested Nuba mountain region found itself remaining inside the boundaries of an officially Islamic state— the Republic of Sudan. ICC-indicted war criminal, Omar al Bashir, declared his intention to strictly impose sharia in what remained of Sudan— especially in the contested regions of Nuba and Blue Nile. A genocidal campaign against the Nuba recommenced in June, 2011.

On April 11, 2019, after 30 years in power, Bashir was ousted by members of his own government. A transitional phase has been in effect since, but the future for Nuba believers remains uncertain. The old Islamist establishment continues to cling to power.

The year 2022 was marked by a situation described by the Nuba people as “No War No Peace”. While there exists some modicum of peace in places, and perhaps more freedom of movement, the Islamofascist government in Khartoum continues to rule with an iron hand and provide reminders to the people that Christians are still public enemy no. 1— as witnessed by the recent brutal murder of Nuba pastor, and American citizen, Ibrahim Kander in January, 2023, along with three of his nephews. Regardless of how the geopolitical situation develops in Sudan, PPF remains committed to serving as a rsource to the local Nuba church as it reaches out with the love of Christ amidst often brutal persecution.

Attendees of a Trauma Healing Workshop

Nuba Mountains, Southern Kordofan State (SKS)

The Nuba Mountains is a geographic area the size of Rwanda and Burundi combined. There are 19 counties in SKS, of which 17 are under the “rebel” SPLM-N administration, led by Chairman Abdelaziz Adam Al Hilu. In 1917, Christian Missionaries journeyed to the town of Heiban in the Nuba mountains. The first Nuba convert was recorded in 1922.

Today, approximately five million ethnic Nubans live in Sudan (many of whom are in Khartoum, Omdorman and Port Sudan). An estimated 2.7 million reside in the contested region of Southern Kordofan (a.k.a. the Nuba mountains).

More than two million ethnic Nubans identify as Christian. The Nuba are both the most vibrant believers, and the most persecuted community of Christians in the country.

Medical Services


In 2022, PPF provided over 85 percent of all medicines distributed in the Nuba mountains.

These medicines and supplies were distributed to 203 remote medical facilities, including three rural hospitals (DOE-MOM-Gdel Referral Hospital, Tujore, and Gigaiba Referral Hospital). Primary sponsorship was provided by Persecution Project at two of these hospitals— Gigaiba and Tujore.

Persecution Project provided over 64 metric tons of Gigaiba Referral Hospital building materials and medicines & medical supplies for the Nuba region.


Persecution Project provided fuel, cement and other materials for the ongoing expansion of Gigaiba Referral Hospital with special focus in 2022 on the completion of a new Pandemic Ward, WASH facilities, and a structure for triage/screening of new patients. The Pandemic Ward was completed and now serves the entire region.

Gigaiba Referral Hospital, led by Dr. Martin Zakariah, provides medical service to an average of 3,000 patients per month— including an estimated 60 critical care patients.

Medicines and Supplies Provided
A Patient at the Gigaiba Hospital Maternity War
Dignity Kit Distribution

Pastor Nabil, along with a small team of local pastors, leads a weekly chaplaincy program providing a spiritual anchor for patients and staff at Gigaiba Referral Hospital. PPF equips the chaplaincy with print and audio Nuba language Scriptures, Scripture resources and backpack movie projectors.

The hospital also provides a platform for women’s ministry, including Dignity Kits and women’s Bible studies led by Hannah Jagode and Medina Tutu Kafi.

Safe Water

After war returned to the Nuba mountains in 2011, the most critical survival needs identified by Persecution Project were water, medicine, and relief & shelter. Annual assessment and critical needs targets are developed in close cooperation with the Nuba Secretariat of Water and Engineering. Access to safe water in the Nuba mountains continues to be a challenge, especially as the population has increased from 1.2 million people to an estimated 2.7 million people during the past nine years. An average of 1,000 persons benefit from each borehole location.

In 2022, PPF repaired 104 safe water “boreholes” in three counties.

Since launching the Safe Water Nuba Borehole Repairs Project, Persecution Project has performed a total of 1,017 borehole repairs improving access to clean and safe water to more than 1,000,000 people and their livestock.

Nuba Borehole Repair Team
A Repaired Borehole Provides Clean, Safe Drinking Water

In 2022…

Refugee kits (Action Packs): Persecution Project distributed lifesaving refugee kits to 8,000 households.

Tarps: 5,000 families received an emergency shelter tarp.

Compact Emergency Food (BP-5): 20,000 boxes went to assist families.

Dignity Hygiene Kits: 4,805 women and girls were provided ladies washable hygiene kits.

Gospel Radios: 2,700 families received a radio with an audio translation of the Scriptures.

1 John Deere Tractor and accessories were delivered.

Audio Bibles: 6,500 English and Arabic audio Bibles were distributed for family and village outreach.

Tarp, Action Pack, and Bible Distribution
John Deere Tractor Delivered

Print Bibles: 17,650 Nuba Bibles were also distributed.

Evangelism Backpacks: 8 Nuba Evangelist teams were equipped wtih evangelism backpack projector systems for remote Gospel outreach.

Medical Training: 214 medical personnel received training.

Trauma Healing Training: 137 pastors and evangelists received Trauma Healing Training to serve their communities.

Relief & Shelter

In addition to the basic survival need for medicines and clean water, war, persecution, and economic hardship in the Nuba has forcibly displaced much of the Nuba population, causing a dire need for basic relief and shelter items. Persecution Project has worked alongside the local church to provide tarps, refugee kits (action packs), clothing, blankets, compact emergency food (BP-5), and mosquito nets to the most affected communities. In 2022, the most affected areas targeted for support included Umdorein, Heiban, Tobo, Eastern Kadugli, and Delami.

Discipleship & Evangelism

The foundation of all Persecution Project ministry is the work of the Great Commission. By fellowshipping with local communities of believers, churches, and pastors, as well as by serving as a resource, we support the advance of the Gospel. The primary impact of discipleship and evangelism ministry in the Nuba is achieved by providing Scriptures, Scripture resources, conferences, and training events.

Use of Resources Graph

Year Ending 12/31/2022 (unaudited)

Persecution Project Foundation is a non-profit ministry registered under IRC section 501c3.


For four years, Sudan has been deep in the throws of a very unstable transition. The old, Islamist cabal in Khartoum does not want to give up power. Their overtures to “democracy” notwithstanding, the “Old Guard” has resisted any effort to establish a government respecting the religious freedom of its citizens and hold war criminals in the former regime accountable.

The economy has been wrecked and many Sudanese are leaving the cities and fleeing to the hills— literally in the case of the Nuba mountains. For the embattled church in the Nuba, the field is ripe for harvest, though the laborers are few. But thanks to the active compassion of those supporting the work of Persecution Project, the local church continues to grow and be empowered by the love of Christ practiced in word and deed.

The year 2022 was a hard one for many charities due to an economic recession. However, for Persecution Project, 2022 was the most productive year of ministry in our history— thanks to God working through your “Active Compassion”.

Lives are being blessed and transformed. Physical and spiritual wounds are being healed. Our prayer is that this report encourages you in your prayers and giving as you continue to remember the persecuted.

Solo Deo Gloria

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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