PPF Protests for Meriam!


PPF’s Director of Ministry Advancement, Ed Lyons, with Faith McDonnell, Director of the Religious Liberty Program for the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

PPF joined several organizations demonstrating outside the White House and the Sudan Embassy in Washington D.C. to protest the imprisonment of Meriam Ibrahim and her two children near Khartoum.

Meriam’s plight captured the world’s attention, as she was under sentence of death for “converting” to Christianity and marrying a Christian. Meriam’s husband is an American citizen and had been seeking the release of his wife and two children, one of which was born in prison while Meriam still had her feet shackled.

meriam up close

Meriam and her husband, Daniel

We praise God that on June 23rd, Meriam and her children were released from prison. We now pray that Meriam will be able to take her children to America to be with her husband.

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