Time Keeps on Tickin’…

By Brad Phillips

Many thanks to everyone who prayed for safety during the recent elections in Kenya. With few exceptions, the elections were largely peaceful. There are charges of vote-rigging by one of the candidates, and an impending court decision on the matter, but so far no violence associated with this issue.

Unfortunately, the elections did shut down the whole country for a week, disrupting business as usual. And time is of the essence. PPF has a limited window of opportunity for ministry in areas of Sudan which are typically cut off during the long rainy season.


The rainy season makes travel and logistics more difficult.

Please pray that we can accomplish everything in motion right now before weather or politics shut us down.

Praying children

Specifically, please pray for equipment to work, paperwork to be in order, security on the ground to remain stable, and all the other “little things” that can delay or severely hamper our work.

Thanks again for your continued concern and support of this organization and ministry.

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